Our Story

Tutu's original Prune Mui started in the mid 19 hundreds by our Tutu (hawaiian for grandmother) Olga Sniffen.
She would often make Prune Mui as a Christmas gift for friends and family. This tradition remained alive until her passing in 1997 at which time her son-in-law continued this Christmas tradition. He shared the recipe with his daughter-in-law and in 2014 Olga's grandson and his wife decided to share this old family recipe with the public.
We, Sole Island LLC, are a small company which makes Prune Mui at Key Project in Kane'ohe on the windward side of O'ahu. Our batches are handmade and are allowed to marinade for at least 3 weeks. We believe this allows for a seamless blending of sweet and sour flavors. Locals say our Prune Mui is so "ono" (delicious) it makes their mouth water.


"broke da mouth" face